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Our Philosophy

Bay Area Real Estate has become some of the most expensive real estate in the world. To best service the Bay Area’s top luxury realtors with a quality of marketing that’s commensurate with their listings, Lunghi Media Group has coalesced a collection of the best videographers, photographers, web designers and social media / marketing experts into one company.

Here are our goals:

  • to provide the highest level of marketing excellence available in the Bay Area.
  • to offer all ancillary marketing services, from world class movies to websites to floor plans, etc. organized under one roof and all integrated seamlessly.
  • to offer the fastest possible turn around for all services currently available anywhere.

In the end the Lunghi Media Group was formed to provide a new level of marketing for, and lasting relations with, the Bay Area’s top realtors. The extraordinary rise in Bay Area real estate has created the absolute need for an equally extraordinary marketing services company.

Welcome to Lunghi Media Group!

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Our Team

Daniel Lunghi

Photographer, Videographer, Drone Pilot

Emanuele Mastropasqua

Photographer, Videographer, Drone Pilot

Heimo Schmidt

Photographer, Drone Pilot

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Stand out with better Photos, Videos, 3D tours, Websites and other services.

Website & Social Media

Choose from templates sites @ only $150 to a customizable site for $250. We can help manage our media services with your social media posting.


Next day 5-9am Turnaround time. Direct access to each photographer & direct access to our processing team. You can be assured the best results.


LMG & Spark Solutions have created 3 levels of service to provide you with all your needs. Video tours starting at $325, Custom Cinematic approach starting at $1200, Narrated Film starting at $4500

Aerial Drone

As one of the first aerial photographers and videographers in the Bay Area. Be assured your getting the best. With add-on pricing you’re also getting the most competitive pricing in the Bay Area.

Floor Plans

LMG and Open Home Drafting work together to bring you the most accurate floor and site plans with added color, layovers and branding.

Matterport 3D

The latest in 3D technology brings a whole new dimension to your listings.


Stand out with better Photos, Videos, 3D tours, Websites and other services.

Starting at
Websites & Social Media
  • $150 Template Site No Support Needed (after initial intro) No Support Needed (after initial intro) Dashboard - Easily Manage Content & Track Leads 14 website styles to switch between
  • $200 Template Site Support during business hours 3 year hosting free Dashboard - Easily Manage Content & Track Leads 14 website styles to switch between
  • $250 Custom Site Customized to your branding Support during business hours 1 year hosting free - $45 per year with URL Dashboard - Easily Manage Content & Track Leads Switch to Template system after 1yr for $50
Starting at
  • $275 Regular Photo Shoot (properties under 2500sq ft*)
  • $375 Standard Photo Shoot (properties 2500 sq ft* & over)
  • $475 Estate Photo Shoot (properties 4500 sq ft* & over)
  • $575 Large Estate Photo Shoot (properties 6500 sq ft* & over)
  • $275/hour Over 8500 sq ft
  • $275 Twilight Photo Shoot
  • $150 Pick Up Photo Shoot (up to 12 photos)
  • Cost Varies Virtual Staging
  • *sq ft Includes bonus rooms & common areas Same Day Cancellations: $150 Fee for Apartment, Regular and Standard Shoots $200 for Estate shoots | $250 for over 8500 sq ft shoots.
Starting at
  • $325 Regular Video Shoot (properties under 2500sq ft*)
  • $475 Standard Video Shoot (properties 2500 sq ft* & over)
  • $675 Estate Video Shoot (properties 4500 sq ft* & over)
  • $875 Large Estate Video Shoot (properties 6500 sq ft* & over)
  • Cost Varies Custom Video Shoot (properties 8500 sq ft & over)
  • $50 each Custom Video Edit Text added | “Sotheby’s” Version | Custom Edits
  • $200 each Add-Ons Agent Interview | Neighborhood Tour (4 segments)
  • Same Day Cancellations: $200 for Regular and Standard shoots $300 for Estates or Custom shoots.
Startinig at
Aerial Photo & Video
  • $175 Aerial Photo add on 1-5 photos (added on to an existing photography session)
  • $275 Aerial Photos up to 20 photos
  • $250 Aerial Video add on 5 aerial pass-overs (added to existing video shoot)
  • $395 Aerial Video 1-2 minute video
  • $525 Aerial Video & Photos 1-10 photos + 1-2 minute video
  • $150 Fee for Same Day Cancellations
Starting at
  • $275 Up to 2800 Sq. Ft
  • $0.12 / Sq. Ft. Above 2800 Sq. Ft.
  • $225 Condominium Under 1000 Sq. Ft. in size
  • Estimated room dimensions can be added to the plans at no extra charge.

    Floor plans can be modified any number of times at no extra charge.

    Exterior elements attached to the home (e.g. decks, terraces) are always included at no extra charge.

    Plans are always completed next-day but may be available same day at no extra charge upon request.

Starting at
3D Matterport
  • $200 Up to 1200 Sq. Ft
  • $275 1200 - 2500 Sq. Ft.
  • $350 2500 - 4000 Sq. Ft.
  • $400 4000 - 4500 Sq. Ft.
  • $1 / 100 sq. ft. Over 5500 Sq. Ft.
Starting at
  • Two Sided / BiFold / TriFold
  • $150 Initial Custom Design Fee Design Uploaded to Dashboard for Free Drop/Drag Self Service
  • $100 Per Iterations
  • 16 Page Brochures
  • $250 Initial Custom Design Fee
  • $150 Per Iterations

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